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Published: 21/02/2021

The ultimate optimisation check-list.

We dive into the top 5 biggest optimisation changes to hit websites in 2021.

1. Voice Search

Voice Search has elevated in popularity, with Google reporting that four out of ten adults use at least on voice search per day.

voice search infographic

When a survey was carried out questioning the importance of voice searches and its significance, eighty-five percent of consumers supported the idea of voicer search being seen as the future. Furthermore, it has been estimated by Comscore that over half of all searches will be through voice search by using factors such as Siri, Google and Alexa etc.

voice search percentages

The way in which you are able to optimize your site for a voice search is by including conversational keywords such as “what are the best SEO tools for a small business?” rather than “best SEO tools”. Furthermore, FAQ sections attract results when voice searches are made, Google Home specifically pulls voice search answers from FAQ pages. Also, ensure content is added which is specifically aimed to answer voice search questions.

google home pulls from faq pages

2. Video SEO

Consumers are spending more time on YouTube than ever before, even though this is fantastic news for websites and businesses, it also displays that the platform is more competitive, making it harder for new websites to enter the market, YouTube have stated that they now have a billion active users on their platform, again underlining the dominance it has over other social media’s.

youtube has 1 billion active users

Successful ways in which optimisation for your website can be used is through using keywords with the help of YouTube’s autocomplete feature, for example If you think of a topic and type it into the search bar on YouTube, then you are able to view all the other keywords associated with the topic and what users search for. Once this has been done, then include those keywords in your tags, description and video titles to optimize to full affect and both Google and YouTube are able to link your video to searches made by users.

use keywords in video descriptions and title

3. Search Intent

Google are focusing mostly on Search Intent, for example the better your website is able to match someone’s Search Intent, then your website will generally rank higher in searches as it is the most relevant result to a user’s search.

top search intent examples

Additionally, you must analyse the keyword itself, for example when a user searches “What is the Keto diet”, they are looking for information rather than a website to make a purchase, so the keywords need to ensure they are clear.

Finally, ensure that your page lines up with that particular Search Intent, for instance, if you own a website that sells SEO software, and your signup page is optimised through keywords such as “best SEO software”. This leads to your page being optimised, however with commercial Search Intent which will affects your page on Google’s ranking because of the keywords used. Therefore, to avoid this, create a high-quality content page which uses an array of SEO tools, adding yours on the list also.

align page with search intent

4. Google’s AI Algorithm

The way in which Google’s algorithm works is depending on how often searchers select your website on the first page results. Furthermore, if your site has a higher organic click-through rate than Google expects, your page is able to elevate on the results page, increasing popularity and consumer visits.

organic CTRs

Which implies you need to ensure your title labels are streamlined for on-page SEO… and CTR. Google additionally needs to see that clients get what they're searching for from your page. So, on the off chance that somebody taps on your site from Google and "pogosticks" back to the indexed lists, that is an indication that your page isn't satisfying clients.

Optimise to avoid pogosticking

5. The Mobile First Index

Google introduced Mobile-First Indexing in the Summer of 2019, which implies that Google now will take into account that the mobile version of your website is the “main” version rather than the desktop version of you page.

Google considers mobile site the main version

The way in which you are able to successfully optimise the mobile version of your site is by ensuring it works well on mobile devices, including tablets and mobile phones. Additionally, ensure that the website content is 100% visible on a mobile device, you can check this through the “Mobile Usability” report created in The Google Search Console.

Furthermore, test the quality of your site through the Mobile-Friendly Test which informs you on whether or not Google finds your site suitable for a mobile device.

Google mobile friendly test

Lastly, you are able to view the speed of your mobile website through using PageSpeed Insights. This will give you an indication of the level of quality your mobile website is at, and if you will need to make any changes to improve your site overall.

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