Website Management Services

Why get Aftercare?

Expertly Managed & Optimised

From general maintenance, to the implementation of new features, all the way up to making your content Google friendly. It's all covered in our comprehensie Aftercare plan and managed by our experts.

Run your business, not your website

Websites require a huge amount of attention in order to succeed, equally so does your business. Let us take care of everything related to your website so you can focus on running your business.

Guaranteed Results

Our Aftercare gurantees constant work on your website, from improving your user experience to optimising your content. We'll make sure that your investment pays of by guranteeing you new business.

What is Aftercare?

From uploading and laying out your content to implementing new site features, to general maintenance it's all included in our end-to-end hassle-free website management plan.

Website maintenance UK

Everything you need to succeed

With expert support your website will continue to grow even after launch. Leave the website to us, and running the business to you.

Website Amendments

Up to 8 hours* of amendments each month.

Ongoing Support

Fast and friendly help when you need it.

Content Managed

We will add the content to the website for you.

Stock Imagery

Stunning, royalty-free photography.


We'll keep everything Google friendly.

Updates & Maintenance

Keep your site secure, fast and up-to-date.

Priority Support

First in line, fast and friendly help for when you need it most.

Plugin Integration

Expert plugin installation and support.

Why use it?

Websites require constant attention in order to succeed. Once a site is launched most business owners struggle to balance their time when managing their business and digital properties, as well as a lack of vital industry knowledge.

Our After Care services allow business owners to succeed digitally without having to get accustomed to the complexities of website ownership.

Wordpress Experts Kent

One monthly fee. Everything covered.


Starting at


  • Up to 1 hour of changes
  • General Maintenance
  • Monthly Analytics Report


Starting at


  • Up to 3 hours of changes
  • General Maintenance
  • Biweekly Analytics Report


Starting at


  • Up to 5 hours of changes
  • General Maintenance
  • Weekly Analytics Report


Starting at


  • Up to 8 hours of changes
  • General Maintenance
  • In-depth Analytics Report


01. How long am I tied in?

All our Aftercare services are on a minimum 12 month term however you can withdraw sooner if you provide 30 days notice and the remaining balance of services.

02. Do you really do everything for us?

Copywriting is NOT included but we will upload, update and layout all of your content for you and continue making amdendments for up to 16 hours (dependent on your plan).

03. How do I claim my hosting discount?

The great part is you don't need to! We know our Aftercare customers and will apply this discount automatically.

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